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Presidents Message - Summer 2015

For many years David Seide has nurtured the ASMP Chicago/Midwest Chapter;  I am honored to take up the mantle.  I have been a member of our local Board of Directors now for a year and served by heading the Business Practices Committee. During this time, our committee helped organize a group talk about the Affordable Care Act and a Tax Talk for Small Businesses.


I feel that my interests, education, and experience are well balanced between motion and still production; and I run my own small business, Schilling Film, a still-motion production company.  Every job finds me collaborating and working with a new set of rules, and I love it.  My job title and description change everyday.  Sometimes, I am Director, sometimes Photographer, other times I work as a Cinematographer. I always try to push the limits of my work and creativity.

I consistently see articles about image poaching and rights management. Many of us are creative entrepreneurs, we are not members of a union, and we run the day-to-day operations of our business by ourselves or with a couple of people. While we are busy creating, ASMP’s national representatives are out there working with lawmakers, advocating for copyright law & photographers’ rights.  We are able to live as artists because ASMP protects our livelihood.

In my first year as president, I look forward to a panel discussion put on by the Business Practices Committee about Photography & The First Amendment. I would also like to find some creative new ways to get students and emerging associate members to work with professional members. I feel another very important part of the ASMP is to educate our future professionals with the standards and practices that allow our business to thrive.

Thank you for your all of your contributions to our professional organization.  I’m looking forward to serving in my new role. Please reach out if you wish to discuss business, have  anything I can help you with, know an important issue ASMP should talk about or want to talk about art.

-Brian Schilling